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Cake Smash Tips



Outfit for session

Outfit for afterwards

Sippy or bottle

Dry snacks

A place for soiled clothing

Any "must have" props or accessories

Thank you for booking with J.Selby Photography! First birthday sessions are absolute magic, and I'm so happy to share that time with you! For the best experience, please follow the tips below. 

  • Have your baby try some sweet foods at home before the session. Baby's that are familiar with the sweet taste do the best. 

  • Cake with regular soft frosting is ideal. Avoid fondant. 


  • Small cakes 6" to 8" work best.


  • Avoid frozen cakes (ice cream cakes) and chocolate frosting.


  • Keep cake at room temperature. *This is important* If the cake is too cold, your baby will not want to touch it. 


  • Have a sippy cup and favorite dry snacks handy.

  • Wear an outfit that you won't mind getting a bit messy. Parents often forget that they will be touching and cleaning their baby off after cake. 

The Smash and Splash Session is divided into three phases:

1. Portraits   Images of your baby just being themselves! Feel free to dress them in an alternate outfit for this part. 

2. The Cake   Babies love to explore, and watching your little one explore new tastes and textures is the perfect way to celebrate their first birthday!

3. A Bath    The perfect opportunity to clean off all the frosting, and keep the fun going! I have yet to meet a one year old that doesn't enjoy a splash in the tub!

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